El Carmen

In The hearth of Valencia

A charming neighbourhood in the Ciutat Vella district is known as "El Carmen".

Among its streets are hidden monuments that recall its Muslim past, temples that speak of Christianity, and dozens of picturesque corners that show that the essence of Valencia resides in this place.

Where art and traditional culture come together

Full of art and with the deep imprint left by all the civilisations that have lived here, Valencia has a rich artistic heritage. If you have already strolled through its streets, you will have noticed it. If you haven't yet, you'll fall in love when you do.

El Carmen is also bohemian territory, where street art abounds and the most cutting-edge museums are to be found, including the IVAM, the MUVIM, the Centre del Carme and the Beneficencia.

At 10 Minute Walking Distance

Some places of interest within a 10-minute walk.

Torres de Serranos

IVAM Museum

Plaza de la Virgen


Silk Market (Lonja de la Seda)

Walking Tour

Plaza Redonda
(Circular square)